Authors: James N. Druckman and Thomas J. Leeper

Brief Description of Lab
The Northwestern Political Science Research Lab (PSRL) has 15 individual laptop stations that are primarily used quarterly as part of the department's undergraduate Research Participation Requirement, and at other times for studies involving paid (typically non-student) subjects.

MediaLab, zTree

15 Dell laptops running Windows XP
Web server for synchronous, networked experiments

Subject Pool Recruitment
Students are recruited from 200- and 300-level political science courses and must complete up to 4 hours of study time once during their undergraduate career. (Northwestern IRB prohibits (extra) credit as compensation.)

Subject Pool Characteristics
Heavily Democratic; mostly Caucasian and Asian-American; 50/50 split on sex

Lab Staffing
One graduate student coordinates the lab and the undergraduate subject pool. PIs schedule their own studies and run their own sessions, working with the lab/pool coordinator. Graduate and undergraduate RAs are occasionally paid to run studies.

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