Author: Cindy Kam

Brief Description of Lab
We have 10 stations that are used once each semester by omnibus teams that include faculty and
graduate students.


Docked laptops

Subject Pool Recruitment
We recruit from polisci (and sometimes other) courses every semester. Students get extra credit in
exchange for participation.

Subject Pool Characteristics
75% white; the remainder is a mix of black/Asian/Hispanic 40% Dem, 30%Rep, 30%Ind 50/50 on

Lab Staffing
One graduate student is the programmer for the lab and is in charge of anything computer‐related
(including our online sign‐up sheet and electronic sign‐in procedure). Typically we appoint a Study
Manager (graduate student PI, or postdoc, or faculty member) who coordinates the undergrad and
grad RAs who administer the studies.

Lab Website: